WP1: User Need Analysis and Situation Assessment

WP2: Census of Paediatric clinical supplies and needs

WP3: Curricular design for the postgraduate training

Project results presented at the ChildCA final conference, Almaty – January 10-11, 2023

Working documents: Europe

Newly created curricula in the context of ChildCA

WP4: Training Activities

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KazNU: Training Report

WP5: Trial implementation of the new Pediatric Care integrated curricula

Officially approved curricula

WP6: Introduction of ICT technologies as a tool for interactive education, e-Learning, Continuing Education, Online Training and Virtual Mobility

Watch our training on ICT technologies for higher education, online training, e-learning, and related topics virtual library. 

Virtual library

Equipment in CA partner institutions

Report on the provision and installment of the equipment, purchased in the frame of the Childca project:

WP7: Quality assurance

Quality Assurance Report

Quality Assurance Report 2

Quality Assurance Report 3

UEMS final evaluation – Almaty 2023

WP8: Dissemination and exploitation

Dissemination Plan

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WP9: Management

Governing Bodies