Dear members and friends of the Erasmus + Project “ChildCA”,

We are proud to announce the 40th annual meeting of the GTP taking place at Basel this year. Under the headline mentioned above, medical staff and experts in the field of global child health will discuss the challenges of staffing and logistics in low and middle income countries. Not only since the pandemic of Covid-19 long distance learning has offered great perspectives in terms of medical education and maintenance.

We therefore provide you with a Zoom link in order to participate in the conference via Zoom and YouTube.

Via the following links, you can watch the session live via Live Zoom (with the possibility to interact in the chat) or a private YouTube channel. If you are living in a different time zone all presentations are accessible and also time-delayed on the YouTube link any time until 31st of July 2022.

GTP German society of tropical paediatrics and international health

Enjoy the lectures and

Kindest regards,

Tobias Wowra, MD, ChildCA, Germany

Youtube Livestream or time-delayed: