ChildCA team participated in the VII CUCS Conference, held in Naples on 21st – 23rd April 2022 – UNIVERSITY COOPERATION IN THE NEW CHALLENGES FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT – Capacity building, Science Diplomacy and Open Science between Global North and Global South the new world context.

Alena Poilova, member of the ChildCA project management team, presented results of the project on the topic  – “Improvement of children care postgraduate teaching as a template for upgrading medical education in Central Asia”. ChildCA is the Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education project coordinated by prof. Gian Battista Parigi, the University of Pavia and administered by the university Center for Global Strategic Engagement – GLOBEC.

The CUCS Conference originates from the academic world, and addresses all the actors of international cooperation, with a particular attention to young people and students. It aims at promoting the construction of networks, mutual exchanges, the synthesis of experiences and concepts, developing innovation, and disseminating knowledge through the mechanisms and procedures of Open Science.

The ChildCA presentation was included in the session Health Cooperation – New Challenges in Health Training and Research Cooperation.