ChildCA has launched three online courses in Genetics, Bioethics, and Teaching Skills and Technologies. These courses are open to all the staff interested in upskilling their preparation on the subject.

The Genetics course is structured at two levels, from a first basic-level set of contents to a second specialized training. The course is held by professor Enza Maria Valente, full professor of medical genetics at the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Pavia and head of the Specialized Section of Medical Genetics at the Mondino Foundation IRCCS.

The training course in Bioethics intends to provide a useful tool for discussion and confrontation over sensitive topics that medical doctors face in their professional path. It foresees to provide attendees with the tools necessary to assess difficult situations with greater consciousness and open-minded attitude and criticism. The course is delivered by prof. Giovanna Ruberto, MD and Associate Professor at the University of Pavia, Department of Public Health, Experimental and Forensic Medicine.

The training program on “New technologies for higher education, online training and e-learning” stems from the close collaboration between the IDCD center of the University of Pavia (didactic innovation and digital communication), the Jagiellonian University in Poland, EDEN (European Distance and E-Learning Network), and EduOpen. In terms of this highly international initiative, several webinars were organized with the possibility to receive an open badge upon successful completion.

The webinar organized tackled different topics:

  1. Developing Teaching and Learning Opportunities and Facilities in Children Care
  2. Medical Faculties and Digital Education
  3. Faculty Development and Going Beyond Teaching: Building Experience
  4. Continuing Education in Practice as a Tool to Keep Health Professionals Updated
  5. Collaborative online trusted relationships for multicultural exchange

All the recordings and more information are available here:

A major recognition for the realization of this initiative goes to the EDEN team and to the IDCD Center of the University of Pavia, headed by Elena Caldirola, member of the Executive Committee of the EDEN Network, who played an inestimable orchestration role in the initiative.