As part of the European ChildCA project, of which the University of Pavia is coordinator, we are glad to announce the second event of the training program on “New technologies for higher education, online training and e-learning”. The highly international initiative stems from the close collaboration between the IDCD center of the University of Pavia, the Jagiellonian University in Poland, EDEN (European Distance and E-Learning Network), and EduOpen.

The second appointment, entitled “Medical Faculties and Digital Education”, will take place, in English, on May 27, 11.00 CET.

The event aims to answer questions such as: Is lecture-centered education out-of-date? How to make curricula transnational (on an example of Cologne University); How to facilitate interactive learning activities among students? Are online test examinations useful not only during the pandemic?


11:00   Sandra Kučina Softić – Opening address of the EDEN president and Chair of the webinar

11:10   Jacek Urbaniec – The main themes of the webinar

11.15 Przemko Kwinta – From Traditional into Digital Education at the Faculties of Medicine

11:30 Johannes Müller – Transnationalizing Curricula by Digital Means

11:45 Andrzej Filip and Wojciech Pudło – Interactivity during Synchronous and   Asynchronous Activities.

12:00 Jacek Urbaniec – E-assessment in Online Education

12:10 Guided discussion

12:30 End of the Webinar

Attendees will receive an EDEN Open Badge

To attend the event, register at: